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AAP to hold 1,000 nukkad sabhas ahead of civic body election in Delhi


Nagpur: Ahead of the MCD elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has decided to hold 1,000 Nukkad Sabhas back-to-back beginning November 23 in all 2540 wards until December 2.

During the Nukkad Sabhas, all of the top campaigners, MLAs, ward candidates, and local party leaders will meet with voters one-on-one to learn about their concerns.

“They will raise awareness about the BJP’s rampant corruption and maladministration during its 15-year reign in MCD,” AAP Delhi State Convenor Gopal Rai said.

“All of this has been planned to create buzz before the elections,” Rai added. Between November 23 and December 2, we will hold 1000 Nukkad Sabhas on various chowks in each ward. “Once every word has the councillor of CM Arvind Kejriwal, we will complete all that work in 5 years, which the BJP promised to fool the citizens.”

“During the first phase of campaigning, our candidates held pad yatras, Jansabhas, and door-to-door campaigns in various booths under the theme ‘MCD me bhe Kejriwal,'” 

“From tomorrow, AAP will intensify its election campaign in the second phase under the theme of ‘Kejriwal ki sarkar, Kejriwal ka paarshad,” he added. The level of public support we have received in our Jansamvad, Pad yatras, and door-to-door campaigns clearly indicates that Arvind Kejriwakl is on the verge of forming the government in MCD.

“Moreover, we have formed teams for several Buzz campaigns,” Rai concluded. Our dance for democracy teams will reach out to the public through cultural events. We will make every effort to reach out to people with the message that if they want development in MCD, they must vote for Kejriwal’s councilor.”



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