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Alert! Your follower count on Twitter may witness a big dip; check out what Elon Musk is up to


If you witness a drop in your follower count on Twitter, then fret not. Twitter’s new boss Elon Musk is working on “purging a lot” of spam/scam accounts.

Musk took to Twitter on Thursday to share the specific update with everyone. “Twitter is purging a lot of spam/scam accounts right now, so you may see your follower count drop,” he tweeted. Musk also intends to increase Twitter’s character limit from 280 to 1000. A social media user tagged Musk a few days ago and tweeted, “Idea on expanding character limit to 1000.”

Musk responded, “It’s on the to-do  list.” One of the primary distinctions between Twitter and other social media services has been the character limit. According to Mashable, Musk has expressed interest in increasing the character limit on a number of occasions since taking over the platform. On November 27, a Twitter user suggested to Musk that the platform’s word limit be increased from 280 to 420. In response, Musk wrote, “Good idea.” Previously, another user suggested “removing character limits.” “Absolutely,” said the multi-billionaire. It remains to be seen when Musk will finally change the character limit.




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