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Birds, Backwaters & Biodiversity – Ambazari Biodiversity Park

A meadowlark’s call

Amid a flurry of leaves . . .

The wood path turns
~ Micheal Dylan Welch

Amidst the industrial precinct around, Ambazari Biodiversity Park is a sanctuary for flora and viviparity. The quiet countryside is a small paradise for birders and bird watchers. Due to its ideal location and comfortable biome with minimal human interaction, native and wandering varieties of birds are frequently sighted here. The backwater lake is a delightful sight.


Birdyful retreat

Just as mentioned, the park is a natural refuge for birds and golden opportunity for birders to sight them. You might want to sign up for e-bird, the instagram for birders!

According to the e-bird, Ambazari Backwaters is a hotspot known for 230 bird sightings it has become birders turf in the city and nearby. Presence of backwaters and Savannah like vegetation lures the birds for longer stays. The informative marquees of birds are hard to miss. A bird post informing about its possible sighting could be found on the trail side especially for the bird watchers, bird hides, machans and towers have been installed ensuring minimal human disturbance and focused bird spotting.

Native dwellers and wandering neighbours

Ambazari backwaters could be classified as aquatic habitat for birds. The park is manned and supervised, to ensure the biome retains all the direct & indirect factors that make it a comfortable home for the flora and fauna in this case the ‘birds.’

While we are talking about birds, you might want to check out this e-bird checklist, it has everything you want to know and confirm about the aves. Right from the last sighted to the first seen. You can also connect with other birdwatchers and keep tabs on your own bird profile should you feel the vibe to become a bird watcher!


The bird watch towers are painted with green and brown patches and the bird hides shown above provides good camouflage and space for bird viewing.  

Also the sunsets at Ambazari backwaters are a pleasant sight and are hard to miss if one visits the place and spends enormous time seeking harmony with nature.


How about one more?


Panoramic view of Backwaters

It’s also Cycologically comforting!

The park is also equipped with cycles especially made for tarmac roads. The trails are ruddy and are very scenic. You can rent the cycle for a reasonable price and enjoy the lush green trails on your two wheels!

With checking off all the boxes, Ambazari Biodiveristy Park definitely makes it to ‘Places you want to visit in Nagpur’ list!


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