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BJP OBC Morcha gearing up for upcoming assembly polls in 5 states


With an eye on the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, BJP OBC Morcha is gearing up for the upcoming assembly polls in five states.

BJP OBC Morcha national president K Laxman said that from Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi, Congress opposed reservation for OBC society and beneficial schemes were not allowed for them. We tell the OBC society how Congress and other parties have cheated the public for votes.

K Laxman added that BJP OBC Morcha is working on keeping an eye on the mission 2024. But at present, the priority is the upcoming elections in five states. Consequently, the OBC Morcha chief has been continuously visiting the poll-bound states. The Morcha has been organising various programmes and reaching out to society.

K Laxman said, “We are visiting to all these states including Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Telangana and preparing programmes for the OBC Morcha. We are listening to the problems of the OBC community. The Morcha makes people aware of the welfare schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”.

The OBC Morcha has formed committees up to the Mandal level and has been trying to connect people from the OBC society. The Morcha will form committees at the booth level within the next six months. Each of these committees will have five members. These five members will reach out to people at the booth level and take their feedback.

Describing the statistics, Laxman said, “Along with this, the voters of OBC society are above 50 percent in the whole country. If we talk about 50 percent or 70 percent on average, then 55 percent of the votes are from the OBC community, whereas if we talk about Gujarat, then 52 percent of the votes of the OBC community are from Gujarat.”

“Right now we are focusing on the places where assembly elections are to be held and overall our long-term focus is on the 2024 elections. BJP will get the full support of OBC society,” the BJP OBC Morcha chief added.

He said the party will form a government in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Telangana, Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh with a full majority.


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