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Cloud and Metaverse Summit – 2023: A Smashing Success of the Largest Global Cloud Summit


‘Click2Cloud’ is a well-known technology company in Nagpur with a goal to make Nagpur the “Cloud City” of India. Click2Cloud Inc. is doing an incredible job of bringing changes in the fields of healthcare and agriculture in the country with the help of technology. On February 25, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., ‘Click2Cloud’ hosted the ‘Cloud and Metaverse Summit – 2023,’ a summit promoting cloud advancement in the virtual realm.

It was a programme designed to encourage technologists, entrepreneurs, and developers to investigate the foundations of healthcare, agriculture, and gaming innovations. It was a chance for next-generation cloud solutions to enable virtual transformation and drive technological change. Changes in the open source sector in India, Metaverse market trends, Metaverse opportunities, data flow-oriented robotic architecture, WebXAR open source project, Metaverse development, and cloud technology for Metaverse were all discussed by experts. This year’s “Cloud and Metaverse Summit – 2023” was well received by college students and IT professionals from around the world.

Veteran speakers from major corporations from around the world attended the summit. Shri. Prashant Mishra, Founder and CEO of Click2 Cloud, spoke about the challenges in healthcare and how you can take control of your health using artificial intelligence with the help of a company app called HealthOptics. He also provided detailed information on how to use technology to revolutionise agriculture.

Rupal Shirpurkar, Click2Cloud’s Business Head (cloud BU -APAC), and Annie Lai, Board Director Future, spoke from San Francisco about how metaverse technology can change the transition from Web 2.0 to 3.0. (2D to 3D). Director (Sales Program Strategy & Partners) (Sales Program Strategy & Partners) Microsoft’s Shamik Das spoke from Seattle about technology and the changing times in the IT industry. Several notable speakers, including IBM Vice President of Open Technology and Developer Advocacy Todd Moore, Open Metaverse Foundation-Royal O’Brien, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, spoke at the summit.


Nikhil Aparajit hosted the summit. Several quizzes were also held during this summit. Students actively participated in it. Many people won attractive prizes like Bluetooth speakers, hoodies, smart watches, Power banks, mobile phones, and many more. This technology-powered event was also featured by Lokshahi Varta, The Hitavada Cityline and many other prominent publishers.

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