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College student found hanging in Congress MLA’s official bungalow

College student hanging

In Bhopal, a college student committed suicide by hanging himself inside the official bungalow of Congress MLA Omkar Singh Markam. A suicide note was also recovered from the scene by the police. Tirath Singh, the student, had been studying at the MLA’s bungalow for the past four years. The incident occurred in the Shyamala Hills neighbourhood.

According to police, the student committed suicide because he was suffering from cancer. The suicide note has been sent to handwriting experts to be matched with that of the deceased. According to Umesh Yadav, the SHO of Shyamala Hills Police Station, an investigation into all aspects that could have led to the student’s death has begun.

“Information was received about a youth committing suicide at the official residence of Didori MLA Omkar Singh Markam, which is located in Professor Colony. “A suicide note has also been discovered,” he added.

The body has been sent for autopsy. According to police, they spoke with a person who was staying with Tirath at the Government Bungalow and learned that the deceased had cancer and was being treated in Bhopal. “It is clear from the suicide note and the family’s statement that he was suffering from cancer at the time he committed suicide.”

“We are investigating all aspects and will soon come to a conclusion and take appropriate action,” he added.



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