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Google Voice introducing special label denoting ‘suspected spam’ callers

WinZO sues Google

Google Voice is set to launch yet another update to its layout after the addition of Wi-Fi and network cellular switching.

According to a report by the US-based tech portal 9to5google, Google’s own telephone service’s incoming call screen is set to receive a “Suspected spam caller” label soon.

The label must appear on both the caller screen and the caller history list. The message would appear beneath the phone number on the caller screen, and the caller’s avatar would change accordingly.

In response to such a call, users would have two options. If they mark a call as’spam,’ all subsequent calls from that number will be routed to voicemail. The call history that resulted would end up in the spam folder.

The call, on the other hand, can be marked as ‘not spam,’ which will remove the spam label from that number in future incoming calls.

Google previously updated the camera app on its Pixel 7 Pro smartphone, giving users more control over its macro mode.

According to The Verge, an American technology news website, the new update includes a toggle that allows users to turn the macro mode on or off manually rather than relying on the auto mode.

While the phone can still try to detect if you’re close enough to a subject, it’s nice to have an actual menu for those who want finer-grained control.

According to The Verge, these new options can be found in the settings cog located in the top-left corner of the camera’s viewfinder. Google has added a “macro focus” option, allowing users to toggle between off, auto mode, and on.

Previously, it was only possible to temporarily turn it off after it had been activated, according to 9to5Google.



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