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Gunmen open fire at Russia’s school; 5 children among 9 dead


Investigators said Monday that at least nine people were killed, including five children, in a shooting at a school in the central Russian city of Izhevsk.

“Nine people were killed as a result of this crime, including two educational institution security guards and two teachers, as well as five minors,” Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a Telegram statement, adding that the attacker “committed suicide.”

Investigators say he was “wearing a black top with Nazi symbols and a balaclava” and didn’t have any identification.

“His identity is being established right now,” investigators said.

The attack also injured about 20 people, according to Russia’s interior ministry. The region’s governor, Alexander Brechalov, confirmed “casualties and injuries among children” in a video statement outside Izhevsk school No88.

In the background, rescue and medical personnel could be seen working at the scene, with some running inside the school with stretchers.

Iazhesk, Russia’s Udmurt Republic’s regional capital, has a population of around 6,30,000 people and is located about 1,000 kilometres east of Moscow.



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