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‘Heritage dialogue’ conducted by Studio Sakha


Nagpur: Sakha, conducted the ‘The Nagpur Tale’ with an attempt to establish a Heritage Dialogue’ within the Professors of architecture, Eminent Practitioners, eminent artists, architectural students and the residents of Mahal Nagpur

The ‘Heritage dialogue’ is an initiative taken by team Studio Sakha, under the leadership of Ar. Sandeep Pathe (Conservation Architect and Principal Architect, Sakha) with an attempt to redefine the ways of conducting a heritage walk within the historic core of Nagpur city.
The initiative aims to establish an introductory overview about the forgotten walled city of Nagpur, the walk started from gandhi sagar lake and lead towards the Gandhi Gate or Jumma Darwaja amd explored the neighbourhood of Mahal, Nagpur. The objective of the heritage walk was to educate the principles of fortification and its relationship with city planning, it aims in making citizens understand the value of each gate, using the old maps it re-imagine life in the 18th century Nagpur City. The dialogue emphasised on how the old city is slowly fading and getting forgotten in the overall journey of being a metro city.

The old maps sourced from Gazetteer and Museum published by The Nagpur Tales were the point of attraction among the participants and heritage enthusiast. The entire heritage dialogue initiative ‘The Nagpur Tales’ was organized and guided under the leadership of Ar. Sandeep Pathe, along with Ar. Mayuri Deodhar, Ar. Yashwardhan Pincha and Ar. Asmita Korpenwar from Studio Sakha.



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