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India to have its own super-app: Speedyy

Nagpur: India is all set to have its own super-app called Speedyy. Exchanges-based super-app is will be launched in the upcoming quarter. Speedyy is based on an instant delivery model, and will have numerous services on the single platform.

The startup’s tagline is “Go Direct, Go Limitless,” which speaks to their core operational value while also empowering vendors by providing limitless options to its user base.

what is Speedyy super app ?

Speeddy, india first-ever exchange based super-app, is all set to be launched in the upcoming quarter. speedyy, based on the instant devilvery
model, will roof numerous services on a signle paltfrom. the start-up taglibe “Go Limitless“, describes its core operational value, where it is empowering Vendor to go direct on its platfrom providing limitless options for its user base.

What Makes It So Super?

TenCent, the massive Chinese tech conglomerate and leader in the super app realm, took its WeChat app – initially a messaging app – and morphed its billion-plus user app into an ecosystem of services that includes taxi rides, payments/virtual wallets, hotel reservations, games, medical consultations and more. 

What’s your superpower, super app?

That may be the high-flying question in many minds these days. It’s easier to say what super apps have in common at this point. They aggregate services in a not-so-subtle sleight of hand that shifts users away from accessing the happy community of distinct apps living on their mobile devices and computers.

The brand intends to serve only in Mumbai and Bangalore, offering thousands of services and products in minutes. This is the only platform that, as of now, allows local vendors to truly digitalize their businesses without the use of a middleman and without the payment of commissions or other unnecessary fees, making it a perfect exchange local marketplace.

Speedyy will work with local stores and services to help users easily manage day-to-day tasks. It will be a one-stop shop for ordering food, groceries, medicines, and other items. One can also book a cab and receive services such as repair, pick-up and drop-off, and real-time task tracking.

It is possible to say that speedyy will simplify the complex and perplexing instant delivery models. It will be the most revolutionary ecosystem, with leading aggregators supporting brands. The team promises on-time delivery but not at the expense of the safety of its delivery partners.



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