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Is Nagpur’s Covid-19 surge temporary?


Nagpur: The Nagpur district on Tuesday recorded 18 fresh Covid-19 cases with zero fatalities.

It has been the highest single-day rise since the past several weeks. Guardian minister Nitin Raut on Monday announced that restrictions will be imposed again due to rise in cases.

However, the situation in Vidarbha seems to be under control as compared to other cities in Maharashtra like Pune which has been reporting over 850 cases every single day.

Experts also believe that the spike in cases could be temporary and could be a false alarm for the third wave of Covid-19.

Buldhana had reported 20 cases of novel coronavirus thrice last week but the surge was proved to be temporary.

In the last three days, Buldhana has seen a drop in cases and a significant rise in the recovery cases.

Dr. Milind Bhrushundi told The Free Media that there is no proof that the third wave is going to be as deadly as the first or the second wave of Covid-19.

He added that if the cases start to rise again then we haven’t broken the chain yet and will be considered as the “extension of second wave.”

He said that there are three things we need to keep in mind regarding the next wave:

Public Behaviour- the public behavior depends upon how the people are tackling the situation, which includes following the lockdown rules, social distancing, and masking.

If these are followed the third wave can be prevented

Different Variants and Mutations- Dr. Bhrushu says that there are two sides of this, if the cases start increasing within two to three weeks of unlocking, we haven’t broken the chain yet and this would be the extension of the second wave itself.

On the other hand, if we have broken the chain, the third wave could be prevented till next year.

Pattern in which patients are going to be treated- Another important point Dr. Bhrushu said was that the task force needs to trace how and why the cases are growing.

The doctors are prepared for the third wave but need to follow the protocols which have been decided by the team of experts.



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