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Japanese firm Mitsubishi Electric develops contactless technology

Mitsubishi Electric

Since the new coronavirus variant took over the world in 2020, Japan has been developing contactless remote control and metaverse technologies.

The Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Technology Research Institute in Japan is investigating no-contact remote control technology. This initiative is being undertaken so that physically disabled and specially-abled people can perform jobs and find work.

Mitsubishi intends to develop the technology so that it can be used in real-world applications by 2025. Munetaka Kahiwa, Official, Mitsubishi Electric said, “People with physical disabilities cannot work away from home due to various family circumstances. People can work wherever they want from the comfort of their own homes if remote operations can replace tasks that could previously only be done manually. That is our goal. This platform is also useful for remote robot operation.”

Munetaka Kahiwa continued, “Humans are now in charge of operations in hazardous areas. There is a need to replace hazardous tasks with remotely operated robots placed in hazardous environments. People come to Japan, a developed country, for a variety of reasons. If this remote control technology can do the same work that we do with it and we can work in Japan and other foreign countries while remaining in our own country, I believe it will help to solve such problems.”

Forum8, a software developer, has been focusing on the development of VRCG software in recent years, as VR has been effectively used in all fields.
Yuji Shirahama, Forum8 Official said, “We can also create infrastructural landscape data. Furthermore, we can design and build the space to meet the needs of the customer, such as a university, factory, or office space. In addition, Forum 8 will use this software to expand the possibility of virtual space.”

Yuji Shirahama added, “The starting point for this VR software is consensus building, design consultation, and visualisation for public projects like urban development and road projects. We believe that this will become a platform for sending information to local residents, and if it can be viewed on smartphones and tablets, as well as the new future city, communication with citizens will be strengthened. The future will be dominated by contactless technology and virtual spaces, which will aid in making its citizens’ lives easier and more diverse.”



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