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Netherlands – Keukenhof opens for first time since Covid

The Keukenhof is opening on Thursday for the first time since the coronavirus hit the Netherlands. For two years, the coronavirus restrictions prevented the flower park from opening. “We are so happy that people can come to the Keukenhof again,” director Bart Siemerink said on Wednesday.

“We were not allowed to open for two years, even though the park looked beautiful. Last year, millions of people enjoyed videos of our thriving park. But admiring the flowers live is something no video can compete with,” Siemerink said. “The first hyacinths and tulips are already in bloom, so visitors can enjoy a colorful park from day one.”

The theme in the Keukenhof this year is Flower Classics. “As classic symbols, we encounter flowers in art, architecture, and design. In the Keukenhof, we brig these classics together, with the tulip as the radiant center,” the park said on its website.

Reported by Nl times


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