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Reports on steel industries shifting to other states due to heavy power rates, exposed by MSEDCL


Nagpur: Talebearers report that due to higher electricity rates many steel industries in Maharashtra have shown signs of migrating to other states, the MSEDCL officials clarify that the factories mentioned in the list have their operations 8 to 23 years ago.” Some people with vested interests are misleading the public by using the names of factories that closed down in the state years ago,” said Vishwas Pathak, MSEDCL’s Independent Director recently. He also urged the Vidarbha Industrial Association to be vigilant and not to allow its estimated forum to be used by persons to spread falsehood.

Pathak further said that Mahavitaran verified the names of the companies mentioned in the press conference in Nagpur, the power supply of Ganpati alloy and steel Pvt Ltd was stopped in February 2002. The functioning of that factory had ceased at that time. Moreover, the power supply of the Baba Mungipa steel industry factory was stopped in January 2013. It is true that the work of K C Ferro and Rerolling Mills Private Limited was closed in October 2021 during the Maha Vikas Aghadi Government,” he added.

The MSEDCL Director said that the present reports of the working of companies in the state are also misleading. Instead of shutting down, it is seen from the power consumption that the industries in the state are running at a faster pace. In the financial year, 2021-22 ending on March 31 2022 the state had 4,53,438 industrial consumers and consumed 50,563 million units of electricity. In the last six months after March, the number of industrial consumers has increased by two thousand to 4,55,271 and they have consumed 27,712 million units of electricity in the six months ending September. 54 percent of the previous year’s electricity consumption has been consumed in six months.


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