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Union Cabinet approves National Green Hydrogen Mission

Green Hydrogen Mission

The Union Cabinet approved the National Green Hydrogen Mission on Wednesday, with the goal of making India a global hub for the production, utilisation, and export of such technologies.

The green hydrogen mission will gradually lead to the decarbonization of the industrial, transportation, and energy sectors, as well as a reduction in reliance on imported fossil fuels.
India imports a significant portion of its energy needs, and this green hydrogen mission is seen as a way to reduce reliance on imported fuel.

The mission’s initial financial outlay is Rs 19,744 crore, which includes research and development activities.The government intends to increase annual green hydrogen production to 5 million tonnes, add about 125 gigatonnes of renewable energy capacity, attract over Rs 8 lakh crore in investments, create lakhs of jobs, and, most importantly, reduce cumulative fossil fuel imports by over Rs 1 lakh crore.

The mission is expected to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50 million tonnes.Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman proposed launching a National Hydrogen Mission to generate hydrogen from renewable energy sources in her Budget Speech 2021-22. Hydrogen, like electricity, is an energy carrier that must be produced from another substance. Hydrogen can be produced-separated-from a variety of sources, including water, fossil fuels, or biomass-and used as a source of energy or fuel.

Because of its favourable geographic conditions and abundant natural elements, India has a significant advantage in green hydrogen production.Hon’ble Prime Minister announced the National Hydrogen Mission in his Independence Day speech on August 15, 2021.”Of every effort being made by India today, the thing that is going to help India with a quantum leap in terms of climate is the field of Green Hydrogen. “I am announcing the National Hydrogen Mission today from the Red Fort to achieve the goal of Green Hydrogen,” Prime Minister Modi said from the Red Fort.



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